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The project will achieve its objectives through the development, completion and piloting of its Outputs.

Output 1: Pedagogy and Assessment Design


The principal outputs of this activity will be: Pedagogy Guidelines, STEM question setting model, MFL (modern foreign language) question setting model, overall question setting guidelines.The final output will be the production of the Training Materials for the question setting training event planned for May 2020. More...

Output 2: Adapted and Localised Technology Solution and UI


O2 will create the solution upgrades to the Study Quest assessment for learning software that are required to meet the specific needs of the DALDIS project. Stress testing of the solution will be carried out to support the 6 country trials and implementation of upgrades required.
Specification and implementation of language support requirements will be carried out. Localisation of the user interface, including support for Danish, Polish, Greek and Turkish character sets. More...

Output 3: Curriculum Content Development - 5 languages and 6 national curricula


This output will prepare the Curriculum aligned question set content for the 6 countries in the DALDIS transnational evaluation including:
- STEM curriculum development
- MFL curriculum development (EFL and French as a foreign language content)


Output 4:Translation Localisation and Training Prep


This Intellectual Output will produce all the end-user training, help and support, and localize those into the 5 languages of the project.
This will include the following:
1. End User Training Materials
2. End User Manuals
3. End-User Online Help Guides


Output 5: Evaluation, Academic Research Reports, Data Analysis and Publications including Case Studies


The output of this activity will be a set of reports, documents, data analysis to provide guidance and support for methodology improvement & future deployment based on pilot & evaluation outcomes. A case study report documenting the project's key findings will also be produced. In addition DCU and APS will collaborate on the production of 2-3 academic articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals, national/international scientific conferences.


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