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Doğa Schools - DALDIS Implementation

Doğa Schools (Arı İnovasyon) is one of the school-based partners of DALDIS project, from Türkiye. Between 2019-2022, Doğa Schools carried out teacher training activities within the scope of the DALDIS project educational approach methods, produced Turkish question content for the Study Quest platform, and supported the research studies carried out within the scope of the project by organizing classroom implementations and focus group interviews with the participation of Doğa Schools students and teachers.

226 Science and 407 English questions were prepared and uploaded to Study Quest Turkey page by Doğa Schools’ biology, chemistry, physics, information technologies and English teachers. For the Curriculum Content Development, a Backward Designed Question Writing workshop held for the content developer teachers by Doğa Schools with the participation of Dr Marion McGinn and Ms. Kelly McGrath from the project partner Learnovate.

Image Info: Screenshot of the Study Quest Türkiye Page and Backward Design Workshop Partners’ Meeting

11 implementor teachers and 87 students/users were involved in the 2 trial phases of the DALDIS Study Quest Turkey page. While the classroom implementations phase of the project which was held between 5 January 2022 and 28 June 2022, a total of 785 students/users from 20 different provinces across Turkey has logged in the Study Quest Turkey page and completed 1,619 sessions in the platform. A total of 50 classrooms were created in the DALDIS Study Quest Turkey database between 5 January 2022 and 28 June 2022.

Between the years of 2020 and 2022, DALDIS project was disseminated to 3.384 teachers, principals, and policymakers through different activities such as in-service trainings, online conferences, workshops, info days etc. Through these events, DALDIS project goals, outputs, website and JS Quest were briefly introduced to the participants, and teachers were also invited to the project implementations.

Images Info: DALDIS Project Türkiye School Implementations

On 24th March 2022, Doğa Schools has held the DALDIS project's multiplier event of Turkey with the participation of 54 teachers that are working under the Ministry of National Education. The DALDIS project goals, outputs, website and the JC Quest platform were introduced to these teachers who are highly interested in the project by the Doga Schools Project Coordinator, Dr. Zuhal Yılmaz Doğan. Teachers were informed about the different question types within the platform and a brief presentation of using the platform was shared and participating teachers were invited to register the platform. Doğa Schools implementor teachers were also invited to the training program and they shared their experiences in the platform which they had implemented the courses in the class with their students.

Images Info: DALDIS Project Türkiye Multiplier Event

In May 2022, Doğa Schools hosted the DALDIS project partners in Türkiye, and hosted the 5th Transnational Project Meeting of the DALDIS project in İstanbul. Within the scope of the Meeting, updates of Study Quest Türkiye were briefly shared, and partners shared their opinions on sustaining the project outcomes, disseminating JC Quest platform and future collaborations. While the transnational meeting, two classes at Doğa Schools Ataşehir Istanbul campus, which participated in the project implementations were visited with the participating partners, and opinions about the Study Quest platform and the contents on the platform were evaluated.

Images Info: DALDIS Project Transnational Project Meeting in Türkiye

As a part of the DALDIS project's Case Study collaborations within the Project Output 5 "Evaluation, Academic Research Reports, Data Analysis and Publications including Case Studies", Doğa Schools has conveyed two surveys to teachers and students that have participated in the classroom implementations phase of the project to collect their opinions and experiences on the Study Quest Türkiye page. After that, focus group interviews were conducted with participants selected from among students and practitioner teachers who answered these questionnaires. 7 teachers and 18 students were participated in these Focus Group Meeting and the data were shared with the project consortium to be evaluated as a part of the Output 5.

Images Info: DALDIS Project Focus Group Meetings with participants from Türkiye


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