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The beginning of DALDIS Project

DALDIS project officially commanced its implementation period on November 2019. The initial (kick-off) Transnational Project Meeting was held at Warsaw, Poland (21-22/11).

Kick-off meeting

Partners had the chance to discuss, collaborate and finalise their action plan in order to accomplish the project's objectives. The different areas of expertise of each partner, carefully selected, will add value to the research and activities conducted during the next 3 years.

Next partner meeting:

The next partner meeting is scheduled for March 2020 in Turkey. As the development of the outputs will have started, it will be a great opportunity, decision-making wise, to think and plan for the next steps ahead.

Project's website

After the kick off meeting in Warsaw, the project's website was developed. This is the Blog, part of the website. All project results and materials can be found on the web page as it will be regularly updated. There is also a section that allows users to communicate with project partners either via direct communication or through the Discussion where all users will be able to interact and reply to any question/suggestion/comment.


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