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Dublin City University, IRELAND


Dublin City University ( was founded in 1981 and comprises over 16,000 students including over 2600 postgraduate students, of whom c. 800 are research students. Following the incorporation in 2016 of Dublin City University, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, Mater Dei Institute of Education and Church of Ireland College of Education, the number of DCU staff members increased from 400 to 650. The University is now a multi-campus university occupying approximately 60 hectares just north of Dublin City Centre. DCU is Ireland’s most innovative university, and in 2016 it delivered more than 200 programmes to over 16,000 students across its five faculties – Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Health, Engineering and Computing, DCU Business School and DCU Institute of Education.


EdTech Ventures, IRELAND


EdTech Ventures ( is an associate network of 20 senior EdTech Professionals in Europe the US and Asia, each with more than 15 years’ experience in the digital education sector. We have additional associates and partner companies in Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America who enable us to support a very wide range of EdTech Strategy, Policy, Solution Design and Business Development initiatives worldwide, and provide additional technical capabilities and capacities to our clients. EdTech Ventures Limited has been incorporated in Ireland since 2016.




EUROGEO is a European scientific society, a not-for-profit organisation, whose aims are to develop, support and promote policies designed to advance the status of Geography; establish and promote cross-border cooperation and represent nationally and internationally the views of its members. Association activities include organising events, producing publications, supporting geographers and geo-educators in their jobs and careers, supporting the teaching of geographical sciences, identifying and promoting good practise, co-operating with the European Union, Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly and other relevant organisations; lobbying at European and where relevant national level, providing a forum for the discussion of matters of common interest to geographers, giving advice on geography and making recommendations to policy makers.




Since its founding in 1917, Doukas School has always tried to keep up with the latest trends in education. In its 2.5 acres setting with educational and athletic facilities amongst the best in design and construction, Doukas School (, a K-12 educational Institution, offers to its 1600 student body one of the finest educational and athletic programs in the country. During the last ten years, the school has organized Conferences on Mathematics, Pre-school Education, Educational Computing & New Technologies, General Gymnastics and Sports, such as the International Conference on the theme: “The School of the Future and the Future of the School” under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education, with keynote speakers included, such as the European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, as well as representatives from Microsoft, Oracle and MIT. Moreover, in 2011, Doukas School was identified as a Pathfinder School by Microsoft for its innovative educational practices and its potential to create scalable and replicable educational transformation that can influence schools within Greece and around the world. In 2012, Doukas School was selected as Mentor School by Microsoft, for the year 2012-2013. Lastly, Doukas School became Microsoft Case Study in 2012, for the implementation of 1:1 Computing in classroom.


The Maria Grzegorzewska University, POLAND

The Maria Grzegorzewska University (APS) established in 1922 is a university with a 90-year-old teaching tradition. Comprising a highly qualified staff and offering a diversity of study programs (in general and special education) alongside improved conditions of studying (new premises as well as well good quality IT equipment), APS provides a range of varied study opportunities leading to the acquisition of high level skills required for today's demanding job market. In addition, the Academy offers various postgraduate programmes which provide complementary qualifications in general and special education, as well as in other fields of social life. Within the Special Education programmes APS focuses on training teachers and teacher assistants for children, adolescents and adults with intellectual difficulties, hearing, speech or sight impediment, motor impairment, physical disabilities as well as emotional and behavioral disorders. Our pedagogical courses prepare teachers for working both in mainstream schools (a school pedagogue) and in other special education centers. APS also provides qualifications in the general fields of pedagogy and social pedagogy. i.e. family support services, cultural and educational activity in a local area, continuing education of adults, job counseling, community prevention (i.e. street education) and the psycho-pedagogy of creativity, which is designed to equip graduates with the skills required for doing non-standard educational work with children. The University also prepares graduates in how best to see disability as an indispensable element of the human condition, thus assisting them in how to incorporate people with disabilities into society as legitimate citizens.

İTÜ ETA Vakfı Doğa Koleji Logo (Beyaz).p

Doga Schools, Turkey

Doga Schools is a chain of schools and manage 120 campuses all around Turkey and also 1 campus in Cyprus. The schools in total educate 80.000 students and have 7500 staff members. Doga Schools is a chain of private schools, headquartered in Istanbul and with 124 campuses all over Turkey, as well as 2 campuses in Northern Cyprus and a Doga College in Canada. Based on the figures above, and on the extensive network built over the years, Doğa Schools have an unrivalled
potential of reach in terms of students, parents, educators as well civil servants and other stakeholders in a national and international education context. It has the proven capacity to disseminate and to implement across a broad area. In particular, Doğa schools enjoy a close relationship with various regional education departments in Turkey, and are therefore able to involve state schools in their projects as well. The aim of Doğa Schools is to provide pupils with competencies that they can become multidirectional, participative, creative and sensitive individuals of the future. The teaching staff and the management of the institution are actively engaged in development and implementation of innovative teaching concepts. Among these concepts two of them are the most important for students’ development and they complement each other: Natural Learning Concept (NLC) for primary school education, MBA for teenagers (t-MBA) and Project Based High School Education.




Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the older universities of Western Europe. Trinity is recognised internationally as Ireland's premier university and was ranked 104th in the QS World University Rankings 2018. Trinity College Dublin offers a unique educational experience across a range of disciplines in the arts, humanities, engineering, science and human, social and health sciences. As Ireland’s premier university, the pursuit of
excellence through research and scholarship is at the heart of a Trinity education. TCD has an outstanding record of publications in high-impact journals, and a track record in winning research funding which is among the best in the country. Trinity’s School of Computer Science and Statistics (SCSS) was established in 2005 through the union of the Department of Statistics and the Department of Computer Science, itself the first Computer Science Department in Ireland, founded in 1969. The School of Computer Science and Statistics is one of the largest computer science departments in Ireland and the UK, with over 60 academic staff and almost 230 full-time postgraduate students. Trinity’s participation in this project will be led by the Learnovate Centre, a part of the School of Computer Science, and an industry-led centre of excellence for innovation and research in learning technologies.

The Learnovate Centre is an industry-led centre of excellence for innovation and research in learning technologies. Funded by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with IDA Ireland and hosted by Trinity College Dublin. With over 20 full time researchers and practitioners, Learnovate has one of the richest concentrations of EdTech domain expertise in Europe. Learnovate boasts a multidisciplinary team of specialist researchers in the learning sciences, computer science, user experience and user-centric design, as well as experts at the forefront of e-learning and EdTech innovation.


Memoconsult I/S, DENMARK

Morten Bagger is Founder of Memoconsult, which is a one-man IT-didactic consulting company. Memoconsult.provide a targeted counseling to private and public stakeholders so they have the opportunity to acquire a structured and qualified approach to the development and spread of Elearning products in the public education sectors.
Memoconsults is specialized in counseling private actors, where the strategies are based on collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, innovation and communication. With an extensive national and international contact network has Memoconsult the knowledge and skills to find workable solutions for all business partners. Morten Bagger is an experienced teacher and IT-consultant in Denmark and has been affiliated with the Google Education EMEA in their startup phase in Europe and Memoconsult have also been associated with Google Denmark in the development of Google's strategy for the dissemination of G Suite for Education and Chromebooks in Denmark. Morten has similarly been the project coordinator for Google Denmark in the creation and dissemination of a national code and programming project for pupils and teachers in the Danish primary school called CS-First.Memoconsult primary partners have been Google Denmark, Google Education EMEA, Microsoft Denmark, Samsung as well as municipalities and VIA University Colleges. Morten have also been associated with the venture fund, Owl Ventures.

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