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Output 2: Adapted and Localised Technology Solution and UI


O2 will create the solution upgrades to the Study Quest assessment for learning software that are required to meet the specific needs of the DALDIS project. Stress testing of the solution will be carried out to support the 6 country trials and implementation of upgrades required.
Specification and implementation of language support requirements will be carried out. Localisation of the user interface, including support for Danish, Polish, Greek and Turkish character sets.
This activity begins with a requirements definition activity to identify the specific features and functionality required to support the specific needs of this project.
Web and Phone apps:
For the project a fully localized Web app will be completed and QA'd supporting all major operating systems (PC, MAC and Chromebook) and phone apps for Android and iPhone (IOS) will be completed in all 5 languages. At the start of the project Study Quest as a fully functional and tested Web and phone App which will be localized, stress tested and upgraded as required.
Updated web apps adapted to each language to meet requirements of the project will be completed QA'd and made available.
A translation contractor will be hired to complete the Danish, Greek and Turkish UI translations. APS Warsaw will complete the Polish translations and QA.
The expected Impact of this output will be the provision to pilot schools and others of a robust open access assessment for learning solution supporting 5 European languages; English, Polish, Danish, Greek and Turkish
Transferability potential: An Open assessment solution will be completed with enhancements to meet the needs of multiple European education systems. The solution will be available in 5 European languages. the planned stress testing and upgrades will ensure a robust system capable to handle significant international user volume.
The solution and the question set content developed in this project will remain available as an open solution after the end of the project for a period of at least 3 years. A sustainable income model will be required based on the planned premium models to sustain and develop the service beyond that.
The software will support all PC, MAC and Chromebook through the commonly supported Web browsers including Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari the major phone and tablet devices via the Google Play and Apple App stores. There will be few barriers to broad use at school in classrooms, reference areas or computer labs or at home or 'on-the-go' in a homework-like mode.

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